I enjoy the pleasure of transmitting what I already know to new generations of physicists. From 2011, I have imparted more than 600 hours of certified teaching, being the main lecturer of 6 MSc courses and teaching Assistant in 10 bachelor and MSc courses. Details on these courses, as well as associated lecture notes and materials, can be found through the links below.


  • Inflationary Cosmology
    Helsinki University, 1st semester, 2019/2020   (14 weeks)
  • QFT in the Early Universe
    ITP Heidelberg, Winter term, 2017/2018   (14 weeks)
  • QFT in curved spacetimes
    ITP Heidelberg, Winter term, 2016/2017   (14 weeks)
  • General Relativity
    EPF Lausanne, 1st Semester, 2013/2014 (14 weeks)
  • Classical Field Theory TPIV+Dipl.
    EPF Lausanne, 1st & 2 nd Semester, 2011-2013 (14 weeks each)


  • Quantum Field Theory I & II
    ITP Heidelberg,  Prof. Arthur Hebecker, 2015/2016
    Mock exam          Mock exam solution
  • Advanced Cosmology
    ITP Heidelberg,  Prof. Luca Amendola, 2016
  • Advanced Quantum Mechanics
    EPFL, Prof. Mikhail Shaposhnikov, 2014/2015
  • General Relativity
    UAM, Prof. Juan Garcia-Bellido, 2005/2009