PhD thesis opportunities

Are you a highly-motivated student with a strong academic record aiming to pursue a PhD degree in Theoretical Physics?

PhD fellowships are regularly available through national competitive calls.

MSc thesis opportunities

Are you a bright MSc student looking for possible thesis subjects  at the frontier of particle physics and cosmology?

MSc dissertation topics are regularly offered within the Masters in Theoretical Physics and the Master in Astrophysics (in spanish).

Undergrad internships

Are you a curious 3rd or 4th year undergraduate student wanting to invest a few hours per week working on cutting-edge research?

Topics well-adapted to your current background are regularly proposed within the UCM collaboration program.

If you are interested in any of the above opportunities, please send me an email including a summary of your academic achievements and a brief statement of your research interests.


I am currently supervising 3 PhD students at the Instituto Superior Técnico — University of Lisbon (Matteo Piani, Joan Bachs Esteban and Giorgio Laverda).


I supervised 4 undergraduate students at the Instituto Superior Técnico — University of Lisbon (Pedro Baptista, Júlia Mestre, Tomás Mendes, Sebastião Fonseca).

I supervised 6 MSc Thesis, 2 at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (G. Karananas 2012, Jöel Repond 2015) and 4 at the University of Heidelberg (M. Pauly 2018, A. Menaya 2018, S. Savastano 2019, Julius Wons 2019). The supervision of these students turned out to be very fruitful and finished in most cases with publications in Q1 peer-review journals.