• COGWAY project: I am the PI of the FCT-NAWA collaboration project “Cosmological Impact of Gravitational Wave Observations” (COGWAy). The main goal of this initiative is to investigate whether current and planned gravitational wave detectors such as KAGRA, LISA or Pulsar Timing Arrays have the potential to detect signals of a non-standard pre-big bang nucleosynthesis era. The associated funding facilitates the mobility of the involved Polish and Portuguese teams during the project duration, with active participation of PhD students. 

  • ADIEU project: I am the PI of the FCT-CAMPUSFRANCE collaboration project “Aspects of Dark Interactions in the Early Universe” (ADIEU). The main goal of this initiative is to investigate the generic implications of dark energy-dark matter interactions in the early Universe.  By considering a scalar-tensor framework involving conformal and disformal couplings, the team will aim to construct a general family of coupled quintessence models leading to scaling solutions during radiation domination and able to enhance the growth of perturbations prior to matter-radiation equality. Aspects such as virialization and potential emission of gravitational waves by the resulting structures will be considered. 

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